Taking your medicine

When your doctor prescribes a medicine for you, the medicine works best when it’s taken the right way. That’s why you need to be sure you know how much of it to take and how often to take it. Missing a dose, or stopping because you’re feeling better, may cause problems with how the medicine works.

Pharmacy Medication Adherence

Taking medication the right way means:

  • Taking the right dose at the right time.
  • Taking the medication for the amount of time prescribed by your doctor.

If you're unsure when to stop taking your medication, having problems with side effects, the high cost prevents you from taking it, or you have any other questions, talk to your pharmacist or doctor right away.

Set reminders

  • If you're a Humana member, you can download the Humana Pharmacy® mobile app and set pill reminders. You’ll get an alert when it’s time to take your medicine, or you can hit the snooze button if you need more time.
  • Post notes around your home in areas you use most, like in the bathroom or on your nightstand.
  • Set visual cues around your home, such as placing a pill bottle on the side of a table.
  • Ask about refill reminders from your pharmacist.

Get organized

  • Use pillboxes and organizers to keep your medicines in one place, sorted by the days of the week.
  • Monthly versions can help you remember to order a refill when you’re about to run out.

Try generics or alternatives

  • Ask your doctor or pharmacist about switching to a generic version of a brand-name prescription that may help you save money. Generics have the same active ingredients but they may cost less.
  • Humana members can learn how to Maximize Your Benefit®. For those eligible, this program helps find possible lower-cost options to your expensive drugs.

Consider using mail-delivery pharmacies

  • Mail-delivery pharmacies, like Humana Pharmacy, offer convenience with a 90-day supply* of your medicine delivered through the mail.
  • You won’t need to travel to your local pharmacy every month, but can refill at home just 4 times a year.
  • Depending on your plan, you may be able to save with mail-delivery pricing.
  • Learn more at HumanaPharmacy.com (link opens in new window). Other pharmacies are available in our network.

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist

  • Call your doctor if you feel like your drugs aren’t working or you’re experiencing bad side effects. DON’T just stop taking your medicine.
  • If you’re having trouble swallowing your pills, ask about liquid versions of your medicine, or smaller pills that are coated. But if you do switch to smaller pills, make sure you take the right dose. Always talk to your doctor first before making any changes.
  • Take a list of questions with you when you go to your doctor, such as:
    • Why am I taking this medicine?
    • How should I take it—with food or on an empty stomach?
    • Does the time of day matter when I’m taking this medicine?
    • What side effects should I expect?
    • What if I miss a dose?
  • The more you know about how your medicine works, the more you’ll want to take it to feel better.

*Certain medicines are only available in a 30-day supply.

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