New Pharmacies Recently Added to the Select Rx Network

Woman talking to pharmacist

Two large grocery store chains that serve several Southern states – HEB and Publix – are the newest pharmacies to be added to the Select Rx network. This change became effective on 7/1/15.

The Select Rx network is a narrow network of pharmacies that currently includes the Walmart and CVS national network – totaling over 12,000 pharmacies nationwide. With the addition of HEB and Publix, this increases the number of pharmacies to more than 14,000. In addition, the Select Rx network includes Humana Pharmacy, Humana’s own mail-delivery pharmacy.

With these additions, members who utilize the Select Rx network will have even more choices when it comes to participating pharmacies, making it more convenient for members to fill their prescriptions. And with greater access to in-network pricing, members will experience additional value from their prescription drug plan. Also, by selecting the generic versus brand-name medicine option (when applicable), they can benefit from the savings as well.

HEB is located in Texas, while Publix serves Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. With these new additions to the Select Rx network, members will now have the ability to fill their prescriptions at any HEB or Publix pharmacy in the network – even if they don’t reside in that state.

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