Medical Radiation

Getting the right dose

What’s the amount of radiation I’m getting from test?

Doctors, technicians and makers of medical testing machines know and follow national and international guidelines and take special care during tests to use the lowest radiation dose necessary to get a clear picture for diagnosis.

If you’re prescribed a test, and you’ve spoken with your doctor about why it’s needed, also ask if the dose is appropriate and if only the part of your body being diagnosed will be exposed.

Be sure to visit with the technician who takes care of you in the test exam room. It’s important for children to have their radiation dose adjusted for their size so they aren’t exposed to more radiation than needed to create a clear image.

Don’t let the opportunity pass to ask these important questions of the technician taking your images:

  • What’s the test my doctor ordered?
  • Does this test use radiation to produce the images?
  • Will you use a lead apron to protect me from unnecessary radiation?
  • Will you adjust the exposure (radiation dose) for my size?
  • Can you tell me how to get digital files of this exam when I’m finished?

Remember, it’s a good idea to keep a record of your tests and share it with your healthcare providers.