Healthcare reform

The U.S. Supreme Court is reviewing the case of King versus Burwell, and there has been considerable news coverage of the case. The Court is expected to announce its ruling in the case in June of this year. At that time, we’ll know more about how – or if – the ruling will have any impact on the Affordable Care Act, including the monthly premium subsidies that help so many Americans afford their health coverage through the federal Health Insurance Marketplace.

Healthcare Reform

Navigate the changing landscape of healthcare

There are still a lot of questions about Healthcare Reform – known as the Affordable Care Act. And it's tough to know where to turn for answers. That's why Humana has taken the time to clarify the new law. Armed with the facts, you can make informed choices for you, your family, or your business.

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Changes on the horizon

View the Healthcare Reform timeline

The provisions that will have the greatest impact will begin in 2014. Get a high-level view of how this plan will work in the near term.

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The impacts to your plan coverage

Healthcare reform for individuals

Find out how healthcare reform impacts you and your family's individual insurance plan.

The future of healthcare in the workplace

Healthcare reform for employers

Many provisions affect businesses, both small and large. How will they change your business?

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Details that matter to your clients

Healthcare reform for agents & brokers

If you support small or large-group employers, or individuals seeking health insurance, find out what new provisions mean to your customers.

Humana's take on reform

Our commitment to solving today's healthcare issues

Under the Affordable Care Act or any other plan, Humana remains focused on affordable, accessible care for all.

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Look up healthcare terms

Look up healthcare terms

From abrasion to X-ray, the Humana glossary explains common insurance and medical terms.

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Commitment to innovation that benefits customers

A commitment to innovation that benefits customers

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