HumanaVitality® Small Business Success Stories — edited

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Discover the benefits and see how HumanaVitality® can pay off for your employees — and your business.

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HumanaVitality® Small Business Success Stories — edited

Small Business Success Stories

Liz Sponseller, managing director, ABATEK

HumanaVitality® has helped our company save money, pay more attention to the general health of the team and the individuals. We are in the Atlanta Georgia, area. We have about 15 full-time employees.

Jessica Torales Polakowski, regional sales manager, ABATEK

We know that health insurance is going up, but with this program we can all save a little bit.


These discounts have a very substantial impact on companies like ABATEK because we are a small company. We are talking about tens of thousands possibly being saved on a yearly basis.

Matt Schwartz, president, Schwartz & Associates

Every time we save a dollar in premium it gets passed on in the percentage that they're paying so everybody is going to end up winning: the company is going to win and each one of our associates is going to win. We are a 24-person second-generation insurance brokerage located in Louisville, Kentucky.

Maureen Lippy, client service director, Schwartz & Associates

The program does offer many ways to earn those points. You can do it through doing your health assessment, which is quick and easy. It was amazing how easy that was.


I think that Humana really has been the first one to put something out there that we can actually implement.Flip a switch — it’s really pretty turnkey. And so Vitality for us has been a way to not only point those things out but then for people to be reminded this is important. They're watching their friends and their coworkers do it, and they're probably more likely to continue. This is something everybody can utilize.

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