How a prescription drug plan works

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If you rely on prescription medication as part of your ongoing healthcare, you are probably looking for ways to reduce costs. Learn how adding a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan can help balance your Rx budget.


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Prescription Drug Plans (PDP)


Meet Pam. Pam has Original Medicare and a prescription drug plan through a private carrier. But since switching to a medication that's not carried by her current plan, prescription costs have gotten way out of hand. Thankfully, Open Enrollment starts October 15th and Pam can choose a plan that suites her needs.

Prescription Drug Plans, or PDPs, are available to anyone with Medicare, but they must be purchased separately through a private carrier. Each plan varies in cost, and only covers a specific list of drugs, so be sure the plan you choose covers all of your prescriptions. To find the best value, weigh premium costs versus copayments for choosing a plan. Also, keep in mind that some plans have lower cost share for medications from mail-order pharmacies. And remember, Medicare Advantage with Prescription Drug plans, or MAPDs, are also available, and often more affordable than other coverage options.

So don't worry, Pam. Open Enrollment Period is the right time to find the plan that works for you, and it's just around the corner!

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