How to Claim Vitality Bucks (for Medicare)

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HumanaVitality Medicare members will learn how to claim Vitality Bucks, the first step to earning rewards in HumanaVitality.


How to Claim Vitality Bucks (for Medicare)

HumanaVitality Medicare members can claim Vitality Bucks for a number of healthy activities. For most activities, your Vitality Bucks will be rewarded automatically. By completing an approved preventive screening, your Health Assessment, a verified workout with an approved fitness device, or attending a Humana Active Outlook Class, your Vitality Bucks will be rewarded automatically. Additionally, members can complete online activities, like the Online Health Calculators and updating their contact information, for automatic Vitality Bucks.

On the other hand, there are a couple activities that require members to submit a form in order to claim their Bucks. These include obtaining a Vitality Check (HumanaVitality’s biometric screening) during an annual exam, or completing an athletic event.

If any HumanaVitality Medicare member receives a preventive screening from a doctor outside of the Humana plan network, they need to submit a prevention activity form in order to receive Vitality Bucks. If you’re a Humana Medicare member, check your ID card for the HumanaVitality logo, then visit and sign in to get started and learn more.