How to connect a fitness device to HumanaVitality (for Medicare)

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This video shows HumanaVitality Medicare members how to connect an approved fitness device to HumanaVitality. 


How to connect a fitness device to HumanaVitality (for Medicare)

If you’re a HumanaVitality Medicare member with HumanaVitality, you can earn Vitality Bucks by working out while wearing an approved fitness device. Connecting your device to HumanaVitality will allow you to earn Vitality Bucks for every day that you meet the criteria for a verified workout. This can help you stay motivated to live a fit and active lifestyle.

To connect your approved device, start by signing in to Once you’ve reached the main dashboard, select the icon that looks like a green device, located on the top right side of the page. Select “connect a fitness device,” then scroll down to the list of compatible devices. Click the link below the icon of your chosen device and follow the prompts on screen to connect the device to HumanaVitality.

Once your device is connected, you’ll be able to see your workouts by viewing your workout calendar. From the main MyHumana dashboard, click the green calendar icon on the right side of the page, and your most recent workouts will appear. Click “view calendar” to see the rest of the workouts.

If you’re a Humana Medicare member, check your ID card for the HumanaVitality logo, then visit and sign in to get started and learn more.

That’s it! Happy exercising.