A Member Leads her Coworkers to Healthier Habits

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Tamala, from Injury Management Organization, shares the story of how she led her co-workers in developing healthier habits through HumanaVitality..


A Member Leads her Coworkers to Healthier Habits

It’s always been encouraged that you exercise, right? And Lisa told me one day, "Alright we’re going to start walking on our breaks," and I said, "Ok." So then we may 10,000 steps a day our goal. We typically take breaks at 10:00 and 2:00, and if it’s nice outside, we take two laps around the building. And if it’s bad or cold, we walk the hallways.

We were determined to get our steps in. Then the next thing we know, when they saw us five days a week, walking on our breaks, other people started walking. Sometimes we need a little extra push. People like incentives. So I often send out emails encouraging people to do different things to obtain their Points. And we even get Points for preventative stuff, you know, like our dental exams, or our vision exams. There are courses you can take. You get Points for Challenges, so we always encourage each other to join the challenges for the extra Points. They tease each other all the time, "Hey who’s winning the steps, who’s got most steps today? Who’s going to win this challenge?"

I love the HumanaVitality Mall. I’ve done a lot of Macy’s gift cards, and I’ve also gotten movie tickets. I actually chose to do the online health coaching; they’re not pushing you, they’re just there for support. I try to eat more fruit now, like apples, oranges, bananas, so I did change a few things in my diet. I have a glass of tea at dinner time, and then I’m drinking water the rest of the day.

The HumanaVitality program is great, not only for getting healthy, but for the incentives. You’re already walking—why not get the Points for walking? For me to be able to help others get motivated about doing things is great.