A Member's First Steps in Her Well-being Journey

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With the support of a HumanaVitality Health Coach, member Christy Rickert was able to begin the journey toward improving her lifelong health and well-being. Her health coach helped her develop action steps specific to her needs, and provided encouragement, accountability and moral support along the way.


A Member's First Steps in Her Well-being Journey

My name is Christy Rickert and I’m a second grade teacher in Lexington, Kentucky. I take part in the health coaching program through HumanaVitality.

I first found out about a health coaching program through Humana when I was exploring their website. Throught that program, I could educate myself on some better choices in my lifestyle, which I thought, “Well, I could maybe use,” and earn Points. These Points would get me free stuff. As a teacher, we all like free stuff. I just wanted a pedometer. How ridiculous is that?

So I decided to sign up and give it a try. My coach is Kim, and I would email her and she would email me back asking me, what were my personal goals, health goals, lifestyle goals, etc. And I let her know some things that were going on with me. Some things that I maybe wanted to work on, but I wasn’t too sure about. And then from there she would take them and make them into an action step. I am a baby step person—I have to do one step at a time, and she understands that. So when we do one action step, it’s on action step for two to three weeks: working on incorporating more water, getting an extra 24 oz in every day, at least one or two more fruits per day.

Another action step we did was to reduce my stress level, even if it was just a walk, or just time for myself where I needed to go and regroup. I need to have that time just to center myself, so that I know I can de-stress.

When I first decided to do personal training, I talked to her about it first, because I really wanted to get her input. You know, let’s be honest, I was a couch potato—I really was. So, she had me communicate with him to make sure my trainer knew I hadn’t been training a whole lot. My trainer likes the hills, let’s just say. We will do kettle bells, sit-ups with the medicine ball, which I’m pretty impressed by, mind you. The fact that I feel so good after exercising, even though I’m really mad at him, it’s a good thing, because I know I’m doing something for myself.

I always thought wellness meant diet. That’s what I always thought, when I heard “wellness”: “diet.” And now I realize it’s more. It’s how well am I going to live my life to prevent anything from happening? I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease three years ago, and that was really eye opening for me. I had to open up to Kim early on that I was diagnosed with this. And that was hard, to open up and say, “I want to work on stuff, but I have this issue.” That’s the blessing of health coaching—she takes me for who I am and takes me step by step. It’s reaffirming to me and it has changed my life. I’m so used to helping everyone else, as a teacher and a member of my family, that it comes back to me and how I need to take care of myself. And I think that’s what Kim points out as well: that you have to take care of yourself in order to be there for everybody else. The single best thing of having a health coach is that she will be there, no matter what, and she will not judge me.