HumanaVitality Helps an Employee Become Healthier

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Simon, from CommScope, shares his experience of HumanaVitality and how the program helped him become a healthier person.


HumanaVitality Helps an Employee Become Healthier

It started out as just a few miles a day, and it got to the point where if I wasn’t doing twenty miles, I didn’t feel like I was really challenging myself. For me, the HumanaVitality competitive aspects really struck home. Getting out on a daily basis was something I had really struggled to do, but with that little incentive of Vitality Points, it got me to be more rigorous about it. And once you get hooked into the Points, it’s sort of natural that you try to get to the next level. I realized I could get about 150 Points a week by doing something I enjoy.

The program has many different ways to earn Points—through the online coaching, through listening to some of the courses they have on healthy living, healthy eating, smoking cessation. So, each time I took one of these courses, I could earn Vitality Points. I could also set my own goals for the program—personal milestones, within the app, which, then, I could track myself.

And for me, or for anybody with a smart phone, it’s very easy to use and you can track yourself on a regular basis. So for anybody who is an engineer at heart, who’s data-driven, what get measured gets affected. This year alone, I was able to drop 30 pounds. I was able to reduce my blood pressure down to a healthy level, raise my good cholesterol, reduce my bad cholesterol, and all of these were very tangible benefits from just following along with the HumanaVitality program and being motivated to get to the next level. What I’ve seen inside our office here is people talking about health much more than ever. HumanaVitality has really given me the chance to achieve goals, to get better each day. You might look at something as simple as Points and cast it off as trivial, but you really can’t argue with the results.