How to Register for MyHumana (for Medicare)

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In order to access HumanaVitality, you must first register for Humana's member portal, MyHumana. Learn how to register and get started in the program. 


How to Register for MyHumana (for Medicare)

For HumanaVitality Medicare members, the first step to accessing HumanaVitality online is to create a MyHumana login. MyHumana is where members can find information about their health plan benefits and claims, as well as where they can access HumanaVitality, a wellness program that rewards members for taking steps to get and stay healthy.

If you are a HumanaVitality Medicare member, in order to create your MyHumana account, you will need your Humana member ID card, and your date of birth. Start by visiting, then expand the green "Sign in or Register tab." Select “register now as a new user," review the benefits of registering and select "Get Started."

There are three member categories to choose from: Medicare, Medicaid, and all other members. Choose the member type that pertains to you. If you are a Humana Medicare member, select "Medicare." Enter all the requested information, including your Member ID number, found on your member ID card, your date of birth, and your zip code.

Finally, you’ll be asked to provide an email address where you can receive communications from MyHumana, then you’ll create a username and password. You will use this username and password to sign in every time you access your HumanaVitality account. Your username and password will work in exactly the same way on,, or any other Humana website.

Once you have completed your registration, look for an email from MyHumana detailing all of the great information you can find by signing in!