Get the most from your HumanaVitality Program Year Renewal

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When your HumanaVitality program year is ready to renew, there are a few things you'll need to do to stay active with HumanaVitality. Review the steps you'll need to take at renewal and in your next program year.


Get the most from your HumanaVitality Program Year Renewal

When your HumanaVitality program year renews, there are important steps you can take to get the most from your membership and stay active with HumanaVitality. Let’s review your Vitality StatusTM, PointsTM andBucksR, Health Assessment and Goals as you transition from one program year to the next so you can be sure to make the most of your program year renewal.

Meet Sara. Sara has worked hard to achieve Silver Vitality Status over the past program year. Way to go, Sara! In her new program year, Sara will continue to enjoy all the rewards and discounts she's earned with her Silver Vitality Status, while she begins the process of re-qualifying her status – or reaching for an even higher Vitality Status.

Sara ended her program year with 7,000 Vitality Points and 7,000 unspent Vitality Bucks. 10 percent of Vitality Points carry over from year to year, so Sara is starting her new program year with 700 Vitality Points.

And because you get one Vitality Buck for every Vitality Point earned, the 700 Points that Sara carried over instantly gives her 700 Bucks, on top of her 7,000 Bucks that were unspent from last year. This means Sara starts her new program year with a total of 7,700 bucks!

Sara is eager to re-take her Health Assessment immediately at the start of her new program year because it allows her to unlock other features of the program – plus by completing her Health Assessment within the first 90 days of her new program year, Sara receives bonus Vitality Points! She can take her Health Assessment by signing in to, or by downloading the HumanaVitality app on her smartphone and taking it there.

This quickly brings Sara’s total Vitality Points to 1,450 in her new program year — so she’s almost a third of the way to achieving Silver Vitality Status for the next program year.

Taking her Health Assessment at the start of the program year also gives Sara her Vitality Age, which shows her how healthy she is living today, based on her lifestyle. Then Sara is able to set Goals related to her personal health needs. Any Goals she has in progress will continue without interruption, and she'll earn Vitality Points in whichever program year she completes them. Then Sara participates in activities that will help her reach her Goals during her new program year so she can earn more Points and work toward a higher Vitality Status. We’re sure you’d like the start of your program year to be just as great Sara's. If you’re unsure about when your Program Year renews, check with your HR department or Benefits Administrator, or call the number on the back of your member ID card and a HumanaVitality Customer Care specialist will assist you. Remember to jumpstart your program year by completing your annual Health Assessment within the first 90 days of renewal then reviewing and updating your Goals. You’ll be on your way to a healthier new year!