How to Schedule Your Vitality Check

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Getting a Vitality Check (biometric screening) is a great way for HumanaVitality members to earn a large number of Vitality Points. Learn how to schedule one today and continue earning rewards.


How to Schedule Your Vitality Check

After you take your annual Health Assessment, it’s important to get a Vitality Check to have a full picture of your current health. In a Vitality Check, a clinician will take your height, weight, and blood pressure, as well as a blood sample to determine your cholesterol and blood glucose levels. Not only can you learn a lot about your health by completing a Vitality Check, you can earn big Vitality Points and possibly reach a higher Vitality Status.

To schedule a Vitality Check, start by signing in to Once you’re in, hover over the “Get Healthy” menu at the top, and select “Vitality Check.” Scroll down to the “Choose a location” section and select “Find a location” to search for partner clinics in your area. From there you can also make an appointment.

Vitality Checks are available at no cost to you when you choose a participating clinic. But to avoid being charged for the exam, it’s important to take a voucher with you to the clinic. Be sure to select “Walk-in voucher” and print it before you go. Once your Vitality Check has been processed by the clinic, the information will be sent to HumanaVitality and you will earn Vitality Points automatically.

If for any reason, there is not a participating clinic in your area, you can download the “Vitality Check” form from the bottom of the page and have the exam performed at your Primary Care Provider’s office. Please note that Vitality Checks performed by your Primary Care Provider are subject to your medical plan benefits, and you may be charged.