How to spend Vitality Bucks (for Medicare)

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HumanaVitality is a rewards program that allows members to earn rewards for taking steps to improve or maintain their health. Learn about Vitality Bucks and what exciting rewards you can redeem them for. 


How to spend Vitality Bucks (for Medicare)

As a HumanaVitality® member, you’ve been working hard to get and stay healthy, while earning Vitality Bucks along the way. Vitality Bucks can be used to buy gift cards for places you enjoy shopping every day, including Target, TJ Max, Kohls, Macys, and Payless. You can even spend your Vitality Bucks to buy movie tickets from AMC, or gas cards from Marathon and Shell.

Here’s how to redeem your Vitality Bucks:

  • To shop the HumanaVitality Mall online, visit and sign in
  • Visit the Earn Rewards tab and then select Mall
  • Scroll down and shop around to choose the reward of your choosing
  • Click "add to cart"
  • Make any adjustments to your shopping cart, and click checkout to complete the transaction

By completing only two preventive screenings, like a colorectal screening or a bone density scan, you will earn enough Vitality Bucks to redeem a $10 gift card from the HumanaVitality Mall. Once you start earning Vitality Bucks, you’ll be able to spend them on great rewards.

Remember, the more activities you complete, the more Vitality Bucks you can earn. Go ahead and spend your Vitality Bucks today. You deserve the rewards of staying healthy.