How to Submit Activities for Vitality Points

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Many activities in the HumanaVitality program require members to submit proof to earn Vitality Points. Watch this video to learn how.


How to Submit Activities for Vitality Points

You can claim Vitality Points through the HumanaVitality website or by using our mobile app. Let’s start with the app.

Sign in to the app, using the same username and password you use on Select "Activities" from the main menu. From here, you’ll select the activity you’d like to claim Vitality Points for, including athletic events, flu shots, sports leagues, and many more. You will be asked to submit a photo for proof. This can be a race bib, if you need Points for an athletic event, for example or perhaps a form from a clinic indicating you got a flu shot.

To claim Points on, you’ll first need to sign in. Then hover over the "Earn Rewards" menu and select "earn rewards." You’ll see a link that says "Claim your Vitality Points." You can claim Points electronically for a variety of activities, including athletic events blood donation, various prevention activities, and more. Simply choose the correct link for your activity and scroll to the bottom. Depending on the activity, you could be asked to provide different information notifying HumanaVitality of when the activity took place. Generally, you will be asked to upload proof, like a photo of a race bib, a flu shot receipt, or a CPR certification document.

If you get stuck and can’t find the activity you’re looking for, visit our self-service community at Sign in with your HumanaVitality username and password to ask questions and get answers from Customer Care, all without making a phone call.