Vitality Check Results Carryover

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When you get a Vitality Check, your results are valid for two years. Learn more about this carryover and how it affects your engagement in the program.


Vitality Check Results Carryover

If you’re a HumanaVitality member, one of the quickest ways to reach Silver Vitality Status is to get a biometric screening, called a Vitality Check. During a Vitality Check, a clinician will take your blood pressure, measure your height and weight to calculate your BMI, and will take a blood sample to measure your cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

You will earn Vitality Points simply for completing the Vitality Check, and you may earn additional Vitality Points if one or more or your measurements fall within a healthy range. So how long do these in-range results count?

If you got a Vitality Check in your last program year and you had in-range biometrics, you may notice earning some automatic Vitality Points around the start of your new program year. This is because in-range biometrics are automatically rewarded for two years in a row.