How to Set and Complete your HV Goals

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Setting a goal with HumanaVitality can help you reach a higher Vitality Status more quickly. Learn how to set your goals and work to achieve them. For more information or to get started, visit


How to Set and Complete your HV Goals

After you take your HumanaVitality health assessment and complete your Vitality Check, it’s time to set goals. Working toward your personal health goals can help you advance more quickly in the HumanaVitality program.

In order to set a goal, sign in to Then, hover your cursor over the “Get Healthy” menu at the top of your dashboard and select “My goals”. There you will see a list of the goals that we recommend for you, based on your Health Assessment and Vitality Check results. From here, you can browse the list and either choose to “set this goal” or learn more. For more details on how to accomplish each goal, select “Learn more about this goal.”

When you set health goals and work to achieve them, you will be on your way to a healthier you, with HumanaVitality.