How to Use Vitality HealthyFood (for Medicare)

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As a HumanaVitality member, you may have access to Vitality HealthyFood. Learn how you can use this program to earn savings on healthier foods marked with the Great For You icon at Walmart. 


How to Use Vitality HealthyFood (for Medicare)

If you are a HumanaVitality Medicare member, you may be able to save on healthy groceries at Walmart with the Vitality HealthyFood program. When grocery shopping at Walmart, look for healthier foods marked with the Great For You™ icon. You’ll save 10% on these items when you swipe your Vitality HealthyFood card at check-out.

In order to participate, you first need to request your Vitality HealthyFood Shopping Card. Start by signing in to, then select "Get Healthy" near the top of the page. Choose Vitality HealthyFood from the menu on the left, and from there click the button to "Request your Vitality HealthyFood Shopping Card and Start Saving."

You’ll need to review your information, and read the terms and conditions, then check the two boxes near the bottom. Then click "Activate my Account." Your VHF shopping card will arrive at the address we have on file in 7-10 business days. Once you receive the card, it is ready to use, so visit your local Walmart, shop for items marked with the Great For You icon (like certain whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and some lean meats and dairy items) and receive savings on your bill.

At the register, follow these steps:

  1. make sure the cashier scans all your items
  2. generates the subtotal
  3. THEN scans your Vitality HealthyFood shopping card BEFORE you pay.

Check your receipt to see how much you saved.