HumanaVitality App Milestones vs. Goals

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What is the difference between milestones, which are only available in the HumanaVitality mobile app, and goals, which are only available on the Web? Learn more so you can earn more Vitality Points.


HumanaVitality App Milestones vs. Goals

If you are a member of HumanaVitality, you know how important goals are to reaching your best health. After you take your Health Assessment, you set goals to help you stay on track, improving your health in the areas where you most need to focus.

But good health doesn’t happen overnight, so how can you stay motivated along the way as you work for weeks or sometimes months to achieve your goals? That’s when you can work on milestones. Milestones are only available through the HumanaVitality Mobile app, and they work kind of like mini-goals you can achieve in a shorter time period.

Maybe you would like to get a head start on your “Get more active” goal, by taking the stairs more often. You can set a milestone to take the stairs a certain number of times per week for however many weeks you would like. It’s up to you! Milestones are flexible and offer you the chance to push yourself only as much as you feel is right for you.

Plus, you can earn up to 25 Vitality Points per month for setting and achieving milestones!

Be sure to submit a photo for proof when you complete your milestone, and you’ll be well on your way to a higher Vitality Status.

Download the HumanaVitality mobile app today on your Android or iOS device, if you haven’t already, and get started!