How to Check Your Vitality Statement

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If you are a HumanaVitality member, check your Vitality Statement to see all your past earned Vitality Points. Look for the date you completed the activity, not the date the Vitality Points were awarded.


How to Check Your Vitality Statement

If you want to review the Vitality Points that you have earned, start by checking your Vitality Statement. It’s easy to find, and you can get there from both the HumanaVitality mobile app, and

Let’s start with the app. First, sign in to the HumanaVitality smartphone app using your regular MyHumana credentials. Once you’re in, open the menu in the upper left corner and select "Points History." The most recent week of activities will appear first, and you can scroll through your entire activity history.

If you’d prefer to access your Vitality Statement from a computer, start by signing in to From the main dashboard, hover over the "Earn Vitality Points" menu at the top of the screen and select "Vitality Points Statement." Scroll down to see your most recent activities first. You can find a list of activities within a particular category when you select the "Filter Activity By" drop-down menu. Be sure to click the green "go" button to get the list you want. If you are the plan subscriber, you can also show activities completed by individual or by family when you select the "View Activity For" drop-down menu.

Earning Points is easy, and we make it easy for you to keep track of your progress. So be sure to keep moving every day, and check your Vitality Statement often. Before you know it, you could reach Platinum Vitality Status!