A Tour of the HumanaVitality Website (For Medicare)

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Learn all about the HumanaVitality website and the many exciting things members can do there as they work to improve or maintain their health. 


A Tour of the HumanaVitality Website (For Medicare)

As a Medicare member with HumanaVitality, you can track your health and rewards using the HumanaVitality.com portal. Getting involved in your health is just a few clicks away.

Using the HumanaVitality portal you can take your Health Assessment, claim Vitality Bucks, Shop in the HumanaVitality Mall and much more. Here’s a quick tour to help you get started.

Click on Get healthy to help you get educated, motivated, and active with tools and resources that can help you work towards making real change. Complete your Health Assessment, set and complete goals by clicking on My Goals, or find health and well-being resources to help you live a healthier lifestyle. For example, if you’d like to connect a fitness device, you’d click on Get Healthy > Health and Well-Being > Fitness and exercise and then Fitness Devices to connect your device.

See how easy it is to rack up Vitality Bucks for participating in healthy activities like exercise or getting a preventative screening by viewing the Earn Rewards tab. Click on Ways to Earn to learn all of the ways you can earn Vitality Bucks, as well as submit proof of an activity online to claim Vitality Bucks. There you’ll see all of the education, fitness, healthy living, and prevention activities you can participate in to get rewarded.

With the HumanaVitality portal, you can stay on top of your progress. As you complete goals and activities, you’ll be able to view your Vitality Bucks as you go. Are you ready to get healthier with HumanaVitality? Get started today!