At Humana, we've worked throughout the company to comply with privacy provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), a federal law designed to ensure the privacy of personal and health information. In addition to all federal laws, Humana also complies with all state laws and regulations. Also provided for you are copies of the Privacy Protection Policy and the No Cost Languages Service for your examination.

The following privacy practices have been updated effective July, 2013:

  • Group medical, individual, dental Notice of Privacy Practices for group medical, dental, and individual plans.
  • Government health plans Notice of Privacy Practices for Medicare, Medicaid, and Federal Employees.
  • State notices All Connecticut residents should review Humana's Privacy Protection Policy and all California residents should review Humana's No Cost Language Services notice.
  • Administrative services only (ASO) Notice of Privacy Practices for ASO employer-sponsored health plans.
  • HumanaOne® financial protection Notice of Privacy Practices for our Cash Cancer, Critical Illness Cash, Hospital Cash, Junior Estate Builder, and Memorial Fund plans.
  • Individual privacy rights Get details on your privacy rights and download forms to exercise your rights.
  • Vendor privacy Obtain guidance in crafting of new policies and procedures or making revisions to existing documents for Humana vendors regarding the federal and state privacy and security laws and regulations.
  • Communication policies You can choose how you prefer to receive specific communications.