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The VA CCC program is ending on 12/31/17 and Humana will not be a part of the new program VA CCC Plus. Humana will still be providing Medicare Advantage plans in VA and there will be other plans providing health benefits to Medicaid members under the new VA CCC Plus program effective 1/1/18. If you currently receive your health benefits through VA CCC with Humana, you do not need to do anything until you hear from the state. If you have questions, you can call the number of the back of your ID card.

Humana Gold Plus Integrated, A Commonwealth Coordinated Care Plan

You can get both Medicare and Medicaid from Humana if you live in certain Virginia counties (696 Kb). The plan is called Humana Gold Plus Integrated.

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Humana Gold Plus Integrated, A Commonwealth Coordinated Care Plan (Medicare-Medicaid Plan), may terminate or not renew its contract, or decide to reduce its service area. The effect of any of these actions may impact your benefits and/or enrollment.

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