Manage health issues

Humana Blue Button

If you’re a Humana member with a valid medical plan*, you already have access to useful Blue Button information on your Claims page.

And now, our enhanced Blue Button experience offers you even more helpful information.

The enhanced Blue Button allows you to:

  • Easily access your health report at any time, via a secured Humana website
  • Examine your records for accuracy
  • Share your health report with your primary care physician, family members or trusted caregivers
  • Provide your medical history to a new doctor or specialist

Enhanced Blue Button features

The enhanced Blue Button offers many useful features, including:

  • A complete view of your medical activity, dating back up to one year
  • The ability to select your health information by category: current condition, prescription history, lab history, hospital admissions/re-admissions and ER visits
  • The ability to select which medical information will be displayed