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Know the facts about Medicare

A healthy future filled with possibilities starts with an understanding of how Medicare works and what your options are. That’s why Humana has made it easier to find coverage that works for you, so you can stay healthy and enjoy every moment.

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Parts of Medicare

Brush up on your ABCs and Ds

Whether you’re just looking for minimal coverage or a plan with more benefits, it’s important to understand all the choices out there.

Medicare Assistance and Protection

Know your rights

You’ve got certain rights as a Medicare recipient, including the right to privacy. See the rest of your rights and protections as a Medicare member— and how you may be able to apply for extra help with your healthcare costs.

The History of Medicare

Take a look back

See how Medicare started and how it’s changed over the years. After all, what happened in the past affects the choices you have now.

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Because you deserve a partner in health who can help you achieve your best.

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Choose a Humana Medicare Advantage plan and you could have no additional monthly premium beyond what you already pay for Part B.

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