It’s not about choosing the best Medicare plan; it’s about choosing the best Medicare plan for you.

Where would you like to start?

Whether you're 64 years old and planning ahead, or you've enjoyed the benefits of Medicare for a while but you're curious about what's new in the Medicare marketplace, it's always good to take some time to explore your options.

I’m new to Medicare

and I want to learn more about it before choosing a plan

Choosing a Medicare plan can be like buying a car:

  • There are lots of options to consider
  • What's best for your friend, your neighbor, or even your spouse may not be right for you

Think about what you want and need most from your healthcare coverage, then choose the plan that best meets those needs.

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I already have a plan

but I wonder if I’m taking advantage of all that Medicare has to offer

Here are two important things to know:

  1. All private Medicare plans offer hospital (Part A) and medical (Part B) coverage that, at minimum, matches the coverage provided by Original Medicare
  2. Choosing a Medicare plan is not a life-long commitment

Want to see what's new in the Medicare market? We can help you explore your options.

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