Understanding medicare drug plan

Humana Preferred Rx Plan (PDP)

Prescription drug plan coverage(PDP) with copays as low as $1 for Tier 1 prescription drugs when filled at pharmacies like Walmart, Sam’s Club, Neighborhood Market and Walmart Express.

How the Humana Preferred Rx (PDP) plan works:

  • $360 deductible
  • Mail-order copays as low as $0 on a 90-day supply of Tier 1 and Tier 2 drugs (after deductible) at Humana Pharmacy®1, a mail-order pharmacy that offers preferred cost sharing


Use this chart to help calculate your savings

Preferred cost sharing is available at over 4,000 Walmart, Sam’s Club (no membership required), and Walmart Neighborhood Market pharmacies. While you can use other pharmacies in the network, you will likely pay more for drugs at these locations. If you do not live in an area where preferred cost sharing pharmacies are easily accessible, your ability to take advantage of the preferred cost sharing retail benefit will be limited. Preferred cost share pharmacy locations may be extremely limited in some areas.Learn more:

Important information about access to preferred cost share pharmacy locations (440 KB)

Drug tier Walmart, Sam's Club and Walmart Neighborhood Market retail network pharmacy cost sharing All other retail network pharmacies cost sharing Humana Pharmacy mail-order network pharmacy cost sharing
$360 annual deductible for all tiers What you pay for a 30-day prescription supply: What you pay for a 30-day prescription supply: What you pay for  90-day prescription supply:
Tier 1 - Preferred generics $1 copay $2-3 copay* $0 copay
Tier 2 – Generic $2 copay $3-9 copay* $0 copay
Tier 3 - Preferred brand 20% coinsurance 25% coinsurance 15% coinsurance
Tier 4 - Non-preferred brand 35% coinsurance 36-50% coinsurance* 30% coinsurance
Tier 5 - Specialty 25% coinsurance 25% coinsurance 90-day prescription supply not available 25% coinsurance for a 30-day supply
Are your prescription drugs covered?

Are your prescription drugs covered?

Find out whether a specific prescription drug is covered by your Humana Part D coverage.

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Why choose Humana Medicare?

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Is a mail-order pharmacy right for you?

Is a mail-order pharmacy right for you?

If you enjoy convenience and potential cost savings then try a mail order pharmacy, like Humana-owned RightSource.

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