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It’s tough to find time to shop around for the best deal when you’re busy. So Humana helps make it easy for you. Find time-saving tools for whatever you need — from refill reminders to finding a pharmacy near you.

Medicare drug list

Check your drug coverage. The type of plan you have can determine which medications are covered.

    • Find a specific drug — and its alternatives
    • Compare prices at different stores
    • Sign up for a mail order pharmacy

Find a pharmacy

Buying your medications in an in-network pharmacy is required – and may save you time and money. With thousands of participating pharmacies, there is bound to be one close to you at home and when you travel.

    • Over 60,000 participating pharmacies to choose from
    • Print out easy-to-follow directions and maps
    • Find different types of pharmacies

SmartSummary Rx

Track your prescription spending with a statement that typically arrives monthly and gives you a list of your prescription drug expenses.

    • Get your statement by mail or online
    • See tips on how to save — and how to prepare for the coverage gap
    • Stay on top of your prescription renewals

Maximize Your Benefit Rx

You know the price of prescription drugs is getting higher every year. But did you know there’s a program that can help you control your prescription drug costs?

    • Get notified when you can switch to a cheaper alternative
    • See how much you can save a year

Medication Therapy Management

If you’ve got a lot of chronic conditions and are spending greater than or equal to $3,144 on prescription drugs a year, you could be eligible for this program.

    • Get tips on getting better results from your meds
    • Discover how to minimize side effects
    • Find out how to lower your costs

Prior Authorization

Some prescription drugs need to be approved first before your plan covers them. Filing a request isn't difficult — you can do it online or ask your doctor to do it for you.

    • Get a list of the drugs that are covered
    • Fill out the forms online or on paper
    • Find out how to appeal if a request is denied

Patient assistance programs

Get help with medication costs.

    • Find government programs for eligible Medicare members
    • Discover other ways to save on meds

Electronic prescribing

Is your doctor still writing out your prescriptions? Go green and save by finding doctors and pharmacies that are using electronic prescribing. Follow these easy steps:

  • 1. Find an in-network doctor through Humana's Physician Finder
  • 2. Then, to see if your doctor e-prescribes and to find an e-prescribing pharmacy near you, visit Surescripts*.

Check out the benefits of electronic prescriptions and you'll be glad you did.


    • Find doctors and pharmacies who already use this system
    • Check out the benefit of electronic prescriptions

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Person using prescription tools to track their medications

Keep track of your medicine

Keeping track of your medication schedule is part of the plan you and your doctor have to keep you healthy. With pharmacies like Humana-owned RightSource, it may be easier.

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