Electronic Prescribing

Experience the e-prescribing difference

Medical professionals have to keep up with the times. They need the latest information, the latest equipment and the latest technology. That’s why many doctors are using electronic prescribing (also called e-prescribing) to make things easier for patients like you.

If your doctor is still writing your prescriptions by hand, you’ll be glad to know that going paperless has perks. For example, with e-prescribing, you don’t have to take a paper prescription to the pharmacy, because your prescription is sent there directly and securely from your doctor's office.

Here are some of the benefits of e-prescribing:

  • Your doctor can locate lower-cost options when prescribing.
  • Your doctor can see your medication history, eligibility, formulary and benefit information all in one place, so you get the right medicine.
  • Your pharmacist receives your prescription electronically and won’t need to confirm a hand-written prescription that may be hard to read.
  • Your doctor can send in new prescriptions to pharmacies without having to fax a request.
  • E-prescribing technology can provide alerts between your pharmacist and doctor when new prescriptions are needed.

If you’d like to know if your doctor and pharmacy use e-prescribing, you can check the Surescripts website:

  • Find e-prescribing doctors:See if your doctor e-prescribes, or find another provider who does.
  • Locate e-prescribing pharmacies:Check if your pharmacy accepts electronic prescriptions, or find one that does.

Visit the Surescripts website