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To get the most value from your Humana drug coverage, use pharmacies in Humana's network.

Based on executed agreements managed by Humana Pharmacy Networks, our network includes more than 67,000 participating pharmacies, including major chains and independent pharmacies.

Pharmacy locator

To find an in-network pharmacy and get printable maps and directions, use our Pharmacy Locator.

Types of pharmacies in prescription plan network

Participating Retail, Home Health, Long Term Care, and Medication Therapy Management (MTM) pharmacies listed here are not the agents, employees, or partners of Humana, nor are they affiliates or subsidiaries. They are independent contractors. Humana does not endorse or control the clinical judgment or treatment recommendations made by the pharmacists or other providers listed here or otherwise selected by you. To get the most from your health plan benefits, use participating pharmacies. While every effort has been made to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information, participating pharmacies are subject to change without notice. We recommend that you contact the pharmacy directly to be sure that it is currently participating in the network. Humana and the ChoiceCare® Network will not be liable for any losses, damages, or uncovered charges that may result from using this site or receiving care from a provider listed on this site.

Potential for contract termination

Humana historically terminates less than 0.5% of contracts annually.

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