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Whether you have a question on your contract or a customer’s claim, call the phone number on your customer’s Humana ID card or one of the numbers listed here.

Pharmacy help desk

Call 1-800-865-8715 if you need help with pending claims.

Pharmacy payment reconciliation help desk

Call 1-866-211-9459 if you have questions about reconciliation statements or paid claims.

Member help desk

Call 1-800-448-6262 if you have questions about your customers’ benefits.

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Member prior authorization

Call 1-800-555-2546 with questions about a customer’s prior authorization for a prescription.

Medication Therapy Management

Call 1-888-686-4486 with questions about Humana’s Medication Therapy Management (MTM) program.

Pharmacy networks

Call 1-888-204-8349 with questions about your contract, or if you’re having trouble using this website.
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Pharmacy news alerts

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