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It is not always a good thing to grit your teeth

During the past 30 years, there has been good news about oral health. Studies show that dental care has helped reduce tooth decay by 70 percent. But now dentists are finding more cases of new types of dental problems. The biggest cause of these problems is stress.

Stress can cause many oral problems. One of the most common is teeth grinding.

According to , stress may make you clench and grind your teeth. Grinding your teeth can happen during the day or night. You can be grinding your teeth and you don't even know you are doing it. The medical name for teeth grinding is bruxism.

If you already clench and grind your teeth, stress could make your habit worse. Grinding your teeth can lead to major mouth problems.

One of the problems can be with your temporomandibular joint, also known as TMJ. This joint is located in front of your ear where the skull and lower jaw meet. It can cause major pain and other problems if not treated.

See your doctor and ask what can be done if you have ear pain or jaw pain because it might be a sign you clench or grind your teeth. Your dentist may suggest wearing a night guard when you sleep. Do not let stress ruin your healthy smile.