Be healthy, be happy

Take these steps to bring happiness into your life:

Family bonding produces happiness


It's important to stay connected with family and friends because it keeps you involved. Stay connected by:

  • Spending time with family and friends – make plans for dinner and a movie
  • Joining a social networking site – have your kids or grandkids show you how to stay in touch with them on popular websites like Facebook
  • Attending community and social events – from bingo to fish fries to pancake breakfasts; pick a free or low cost activity listed in your newspaper or at the local library.

Be healthy

Keeping yourself healthy is a stepping-stone on your road to happiness. Be healthy by:

  • Eating nutritious foods – make fruit a part of your daily diet
  • Staying physically active – if you can't get to the gym, even walking for 10 minutes in the park, around the neighborhood or at the mall is great for you
  • Keeping a healthy weight – watch your portion size and stop eating when you feel full
  • Getting plenty of rest – try not to eat a big meal too close to when you plan to sleep; it could keep you up

Happiness is a choice. Few things can be healthier for you than simply deciding to be happy. Have fun.

The fun things you do in life each day can make you happy. Have fun by:

  • Enjoying a hobby – collect stamps, read books, play cards, garden, watch sports or start something new
  • Attending a movie, concert or play – many places offer you discounts so call ahead and reserve a seat
  • Planning a trip with your kids and grandkids – at least a couple times a year find a spot everyone will enjoy and meet there
  • Doing something you enjoy – make time each week to golf, swim, walk, read, cook or do whatever makes you happy

Be upbeat

Happiness is often tied to positive thinking. Keep a great attitude by:

  • Laughing out loud – grab a friend and watch a funny movie
  • Choosing to be happy – don't take yourself or others too seriously
  • Looking for the good in things – when you feel sad or angry, focus instead on what is going on in your life that is positive and fun
  • Being nice – buy a cup of coffee for the person in line with you at the coffee shop


Unselfishly giving to others makes you happy and it adds joy to the lives of those you touch. Share yourself with others by:

  • Helping someone out – keep a lonely neighbor or friend company
  • Adopting a pet – save a pet at the local shelter by giving them a new home
  • Volunteering in your community – cook and serve a Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless or a neighbor in need
  • Loving – call, send a card or write a letter to the people you love letting them know how much they mean to you
  • Doing something generous – have a garage sale and donate the proceeds to charity