Humana members have expanded selection of low-cost hearing aids in 2019

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Imagine being a school nurse in an elementary school. You’ve been doing it a long time, and you’re good at it. You love hearing the sweet, often delicate voices of the children as they greet you, or chat with their friends, or excitedly answer a teacher’s question.

But then imagine that one day, you start to notice that it’s getting harder to hear the students. Maybe it’s the day you’re setting up the equipment to do a hearing screening for some kindergarteners. You’re testing their hearing, but it’s you who can’t hear the tones. That’s when you realize, “I need hearing aids.”

So you look into it and, before you know it, you’ve got your new hearing aids. Then you’re back at work, your hearing much improved, your joy of living—and those beautiful little voices—restored.

Millions of people of all ages improve their lives every day by using hearing aids. They can help improve your overall quality of life1 by helping you maintain relationships, and your risk for developing dementia2 or depression3 is lower than it would be without hearing aids. Humana wants more of our members to benefit from the health benefits that hearing aids provide. That’s why we’re offering our members access to an expanded selection of hearing aids for the 2019 plan year.

As a Humana member, you have access to quality, affordable hearing aids through TruHearing®. Depending on your Humana plan, you can reduce your out-of-pocket costs by using your hearing aid benefit, hearing aid allowance, or TruHearing’s discounted hearing aid program.

No matter which plan you have, TruHearing also provides you with:

  • 3 follow-up visits with a provider for fitting and adjustments
  • 45-day risk free trial
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty for repairs and one-time loss and damage replacement
  • 48 batteries per hearing aid included with non-rechargeable models

If you are experiencing hearing loss, we hope you’ll take advantage of this program.

To schedule a hearing exam and consultation with a provider in your area, call TruHearing at 1-844-353-5940.

Coverage levels vary by plan. Please refer to your Evidence of Coverage at or call Customer Service at the number on the back of your Humana ID card to determine what level of coverage your plan offers.


1 (pdf opens in new window).

2 (link opens in new window).

3 (link opens in new window).

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