Be proactive

Humana members can visit an in-network doctor to schedule regular doctor visits and health screenings.

The importance of testing for diabetics

If you have diabetes, it is important to monitor your condition and prevent serious complications by checking your blood glucose (blood sugar).

Since all meters to test your blood glucose are different, follow your doctor’s guidance on which device is best for you, and consult your user’s manual for specific instructions.1

Keeping a log of blood glucose results for your doctor will help indicate your body’s response to your diabetes care plan.

Diabetes: tests to watch for complications

Get regular health checks

  • Blood tests, such as A1C, are different than daily at-home diabetes testing, and measure blood sugar levels for the past 3 months to ensure a healthy range.

  • Comprehensive eye exams may help prevent any blood pressure issues from leading to eye swelling or blurred vision. 2

  • Foot exams every day at home, and yearly with a doctor, test for redness, cracks, sores, wounds and nerve damage.

Help is available

You’re not in this alone. There are people and tools available to help you with your diabetic needs. Follow these tips to help you live with diabetes:

  • Have your doctor’s office send you a reminder when it’s time for your next visit or health check
  • Sign up for automatic refills or mail delivery at your pharmacy
  • Buy a blood pressure kit or use the one at your drug store
  • If you’re a Humana member, get a personalized snapshot of your health with tips to help you manage your diabetes at MyDiabetesPathSM.

Most importantly, follow your doctor’s advice and contact him or her if something doesn’t seem quite right.

Want to learn more about staying healthy while living with diabetes? Get diabetes facts now.


¹ “Checking Your Blood Glucose,” American Diabetes Association, last accessed August 7, 2017,

² “3 Diabetes Tests You Must Have,” WebMD, last accessed August 7, 2017,

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