Has heart disease stopped you in your tracks?


If you’ve been diagnosed with heart disease or had a heart attack or surgery, you’re not alone. It’s not easy to get back into a regular routine and feel like fitting in.

As you navigate your survival journey from a heart event, you should know there are resources to help. Many others have gone through what you’re facing.

You may feel:

Scared and lost: You’re overwhelmed by instructions on how to start your new way of life.

Learn to pace yourself. It’s OK to be selfish and take time to heal.

Denial: You were in danger of losing your life; there’s no denying it. This is a big deal.

You have to move forward. Now it’s time to take advantage of resources and people around you willing to help.

Anger: You may have limitations and have to adjust your routine. You don’t think it’s fair that this happened to you.

Others understand and are going through this as well. Connect with a support group.

Guilt: You worry about how your decisions affect others. Choices you make directly impact your recovery.

Don’t be afraid to let others know how you’re feeling.

Depression: No end seems in sight. New routines are added work.

Nutritionists and physical therapists can help. A healthier body can put your mind in a better place.

Talk to your doctor to see if your depression needs treatment.

Anxiety and worry: You fear it could happen again if you’re not careful. You worry you’re a burden to others.

Your family, faith community and friends want to be of help. Let them lend you the emotional and physical care you need.

Acceptance: Coming to terms is gradual but welcome. You might have limitations, but you have a newfound respect for your well-being.

You’re grateful for your new chance at life. You have strength to move on and are ready to be an inspiration to others.

Don’t forget, you’re surrounded by those who can help. Use your new network and knowledge to live your best life in your new normal.

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