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Tools to Use with Your Patients

With social distancing, many providers are launching telehealth visits as a way to care for their patients virtually. This turnkey set of engagement tools can be used with all patients.

Telehealth toolkit instructions, PDF opens new window

Turnkey email

Email that you can send to your patients

Note that we have given you three options to use for sending this email:

  1. A plain text Word Document, opens new window that you can copy and paste into your email program, customize and send to your patients

  2. A Microsoft Outlook template, opens new window
    Note: you will be prompted to open or save file when you click on it. Please save it to your computer and when you open it, it will open within an email in Outlook so you can customize and send to your patients.

  3. An HTML file, opens new window and the graphics for the file: hero image, opens new window, phone image, opens new window and logo placeholder, opens new window


Direct mail letter you can mail to your patients

Letter template, PDF opens new window


A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document that addresses many of the basic questions patients new to telehealth may have

Patient FAQ—A new way to get care, PDF opens new window

Patient Flyers

Flyers you can hand out to patients in office, or email to patients as an attachment

Flyer 1, PDF opens new window

Flyer 2, PDF opens new window

Technical requirements for using the toolkit

  • You will need Adobe Acrobat that includes editing capability so that you can customize the materials
  • EMAIL ONLY: You will need Microsoft Word to open the document and copy the email text into your email program
  • Microsoft Outlook template version of email requires Microsoft Outlook
  • HTML version of email: You need someone who is familiar with HTML editors and code

Payor agnostic materials

  • All of the materials are payor agnostic so they can be used across your patient panel

Questions or need help

  • Contact your Provider Relations representative for any assistance