We are pleased to announce a new array of online tools available to our dentists through Availity, starting on November 15th. If you currently use the Humana.com and/or MyCompBenefits.com portals to process transactions for patients with Humana dental plans, you can now use Availity® for some of those transactions.

The following information is now available through the Availity portal.

From the Humana.com dentist portal:

  • Patient eligibility and dental benefits
  • Claims status and remittance documents
  • Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO) patient rosters
  • Electronic payment preferences
  • Dedicated payer space to find Humana-specific apps and resources

From the CompBenefits.com dentist portal:

  • Patient eligibility and dental benefits

Coming in 2022 from the Compbenefits.com dentist portal:

  • Claims status and remittance documents
  • DHMO patient rosters

Because Availity is a multipayer portal, this transition should help you simplify your operation and ease some of your administrative burden.

We expect to retire the existing portals in the second quarter of 2022, at which point Humana.com and CompBenefits.com dentist portals will no longer be available. Until they are retired, these portals will continue to work normally and offer information to dental providers as they do now.

Get started

To request an Availity Portal username and access to specific tools, contact your organization’s Availity administrator.

If you do not know who your Availity administrator is, call Availity Client Services at 800-AVAILITY (800-282-4548) Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.. Eastern time.

If your organization does not have an account and you are designated as your organization’s administrator, use the online registration form to set up your account.

Learn more about how to register and get started with Availity.

Important info

The Web Portal & Basic Clearinghouse Payer List on the Availity website contains a searchable list of payers that can transact via Availity portal. Availity portal is accessible even if you do not use Availity’s clearinghouse services.

About Availity®

Humana and Florida Blue (formerly Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida) jointly formed Availity in 2001, with the goals of improving efficiency, reducing administrative complexity in the healthcare industry and, ultimately, improving healthcare outcomes.