Access cards

Humana Access® Visa® debit card

The Humana Access card is a Visa debit card issued to Humana members who have flexible spending accounts (FSAs), personal care accounts (PCAs) and/or health savings accounts (HSAs). The card can be used to pay for covered expenses out of the member's account and, in many cases, is combined with the member's medical ID card.

Most over-the-counter (OTC) medications are eligible for reimbursement from an HSA, FSA or PCA with a prescription, but the Humana Access card cannot be used to pay for them at the point of purchase. However, the card can be used to pay for prescription medications at the point of purchase.

Learn the proper procedures for accepting the Humana Access card in this education-on-demand presentation.

Humana Access card educational presentation (link opens in new window) 

Payment processing guide

Get tips on how to best process the Humana Access card.

Payment processing guide (755 KB)

Humana Access Visa Easy Pay Consent Form

Print a consent form for members to sign that allows a health care provider to charge the member's Humana Access card for the balance of fees not paid by his/her insurance company.

Humana Access Easy Pay Consent Form (145 KB)