Language assistance program

Language assistance program

Humana has free language assistance services available for its members with limited proficiency in English. Providers may call Humana at the phone number listed on the member’s Humana identification card to access interpretation services while the member is in the office.

Humana is committed to providing language assistance services for all members, with Spanish versions of its website and member materials, along with free interpretation services for all languages. You may access the Spanish version of our Web pages by selecting the “Español” link in the upper right corner of your screen.

Requirements for providers

Providers are contractually required to provide the following for patients:

  • Free oral interpretation services
  • Standards and mechanisms to confirm the timeliness, quality and accuracy of oral interpretations
  • Standards and criteria to promote the proficiency of interpreter services
  • Identification of points of contact when the need for interpretation is reasonably anticipated and how the provider will provide timely access to interpretation services at all points of contact
  • Range of interpreting services and types of resources needed to provide effective interpreting
  • Mechanisms for promoting sensitivity to the culture of those with limited English-speaking proficiency
  • Policy regarding a patient’s request, in a nonemergency, to use a family member or friend as the interpreter
  • Policy regarding use of a minor as an interpreter in an emergency

Humana's language assistance services can help providers meet these obligations.

Information for California providers

California providers, please note: Your contract requires your compliance with Humana’s language assistance program (LAP). Humana’s LAP includes the following components:

  • A survey to assess the language preferences of our membership
  • Translation of all vital documents into Spanish
  • A process to maintain quality and accuracy in written translations
  • A process to confirm the ethics and proficiency of internal translation staff and vendor staff
  • A process to provide access to qualified oral interpretation or in-language services to all limited English proficiency (LEP) members
  • A process to monitor interpretation services to confirm compliance with the LAP
  • A process to notify members of language assistance services
  • A process to notify providers of our LAP requirements and inform them of the availability of services
  • A training plan for staff who have routine contact with LEP members
  • A process to evaluate the effectiveness of the LAP and confirm compliance with the regulations

Per your contract with Humana, your office needs to have all of these services and processes in place.


Providers with questions about Humana's language assistance program should call Humana at the phone number listed on the member's Humana identification card.