Frequently Asked Questions

Get details on how the Provider Self-Service Center can help with your practice.

How do I get information about the Web training?

Please send an email to or fax a request to 210-991-9167 for more information.

How do I attend a training session?

Humana conducts live, interactive training sessions using Web and phone conferencing tools, allowing you to participate using the Internet and your phone. Email for more information.

What are the benefits of using for my office? may save you time, reduce errors, increase efficiency and help improve the productivity and bottom line of your practice.

How do I register for access to the Humana Provider Self-Service Center?

To get started, click the "Register" button, which appears on many pages of Registering for access to the Humana Provider Self-Service Center is easy and only takes about 10 minutes.View our Register Now flier (link at bottom of page) for detailed instructions.

Is there a fee for access to the Humana Provider Self-Service Center?

No, there is no fee for access to the Humana Provider Self-Service Center.

When will I be able to access the secure section of the site?

You will be able to log in as a registered user once you complete your online application. Upon completion of the application, you will receive your user ID and password information to access the secure section. User IDs and passwords are not case sensitive.

I am having trouble with my password. Whom do I contact?

Please contact Humana's Web specialists at 1-877-845-3480. You can also click the "Forgot User ID/Password" link in the log-in section on

How do we set up a new user?

Your organization's primary access administrator (PAA) must set up each new user with a unique user ID and password. To access this function, the PAA should go to the "Administration" area and click on "Register New User."

How do we change our PAA or add/delete a new tax ID number?

Once you log into, please select "Print Security Forms and Documents" under "Administration." Print the form and then follow the instructions to complete.

What is the difference between the primary controlling authority (PCA), alternate controlling authority (ACA) and the primary access administrator (PAA)?

Primary Controlling Authority (PCA) – This may be an officer, manager or principal of the organization or anyone who has the authority to sign contracts on behalf of the organization.

Alternate Controlling Authority (ACA) – The ACA is optional and can be used as a secondary signature to the PCA. This may also be an officer,manager or principal of the organization or anyone who has the authority to sign contracts on behalf of the organization.

Primary Access Administrator (PAA) – The PAA is given initial access to all functions and has the responsibility of granting individual access to all other users.

What is the difference between the three organization types on the registration application (Provider Group, Third Party Administrator and(Affiliate)?

Provider Group – A physician, hospital, group practice, nursing home, pharmacy or any individual or group of individuals who provides a health care service.

Third-Party Administrator (TPA)/Billing SVC – (1) TPA – A firm that performs administrative functions (e.g., claims processing and membership) for a self-funded plan or a start-up managed care organization (MCO); (2) Billing SVC – An organization that provides billing and collection services for a provider.

Affiliate Providers – An organization, such as independent physician associations (IPA), medical services organizations (MSO) or provider health organizations (PHO), contracted to provide services on behalf of Humana, such as credentialing, utilization management, quality management or claims payment.

What if I need access to additional functions?

Please contact your primary access administrator (PAA), who can grant access.

How can I find out who my primary access administrator (PAA) is?

Your organizations' 'PAA' can be found by clicking on the link "My Security Administrator" after logging in to the Provider Resource Center.

Whom do I contact if I'm experiencing technical problems or need assistance navigating through the website?

Please contact your e-business consultant or send an email to

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