Behavioral health services

Preauthorization and medical necessity reviews for Humana commercial and Medicare Advantage (MA) members' mental health and substance abuse inpatient, partial hospitalization, residential treatment and intensive outpatient services are managed by Humana Behavioral Health, a wholly owned Humana subsidiary.

Administrative services only (ASO) clients must purchase a behavioral health services product, such as managed behavioral health or integrated medical and behavioral health, in order to conduct preauthorization and medical necessity review of services. For ASO clients with outsourced behavioral health management or those that have purchased a network access only product, no utilization or case management services are provided by Humana or its clinical affiliates.

Please refer to the member's ID card for appropriate routing of claims or preauthorization inquiries regarding behavioral health services.

Submitting preauthorization requests

Save time: request patient authorizations online

Humana Behavioral Health online authorization tool offers 24-hour access to faster authorizations, member benefit information and network status details for participating and nonparticipating providers.

Online Authorization Tool:

(Does not require log-in information)

Use the online authorization tool to obtain authorizations for:

  • Initial intensive outpatient care
  • Initial partial hospitalization
  • Initial acute inpatient psychiatric care
  • Initial acute inpatient detoxification
  • Psychological and neuropsychological testing
  • Initial and concurrent routine outpatient services

The online authorization tool is also available via the Humana Behavioral Health provider website at

Submit authorizations by phone

Authorizations for all levels of care may also be submitted by calling the number on the back of the patient's ID card. Select "mental health" when prompted.

Please note: All requests for authorization of residential treatment, eating disorders and autism require telephonic review.


Questions about prior authorization for behavioral health services may be directed to Humana Behavioral Health support at 1-800-331-9040. Assistance is available Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and Friday from 7 to 6 p.m. Central.

Additional Resources

  • Humana Behavioral Health authorizes up to 20 visits for initial outpatient mental health treatment, depending on the member's benefit structure. If additional sessions are required, they are authorized based upon medical necessity of clinical information submitted by the provider. The Online Authorization Tool at is the most efficient way to receive authorization.