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RightSource soon to be renamed Humana Pharmacy

In June 2015, Humana’s prescription mail-order pharmacy service, RightSource, will be renamed Humana Pharmacy. Other than the name, nothing is changing. Humana Pharmacy will continue RightSource’s service of shipping a three‐month supply of maintenance medications to patients by mail. The high level of service, commitment, quality and affordable costs will be the same that our customers and their prescribers have come to expect.

Humana is informing its members of the name change via packaging inserts with their current prescriptions, with letters and emails and digitally with posts on myhumana.com (registration required) and Humana.com. Prescribers may have patients come to them with questions about the change. It’s for this reason that Humana is making prescribers aware that RightSource pharmacy will soon be known simply as Humana Pharmacy.

Why change the name?

RightSource has experienced years of successful growth as Humana’s mail-order pharmacy; however, many still are not aware of the service and the convenience and potential savings it provides. Also, many members are not aware that RightSource is, in fact, fully owned by Humana. As a result, members are hesitant to use the service, thus missing out on the potential savings and convenience RightSource provides. RightSource already is the “Humana Pharmacy” – this name change simply makes it official.

How does Humana Pharmacy (formerly RightSource) benefit prescribers and their patients?

Humana recognizes that patients must determine which pharmacy will best meet their prescription needs and that physicians play a role in their decision. Some of the features Humana Pharmacy offers are:

  • Potential cost savings: With 90‐day pricing and low‐cost alternatives, Humana Pharmacy may help reduce Humana‐insured patients’ prescription drug costs. Some Medicare patients may receive Tier 1 generic medications for a $0 copayment. Prescribers can ask patients to check their health plan materials to find out if this pricing is offered in their plan.
  • Making adherence easier: Humana Pharmacy notifies patients by email, phone or text message when their prescriptions need to be refilled and when their refills are about to run out. Patients avoid trips to the pharmacy, making it easier to adhere to their therapy.
  • Accuracy and safety: Two Humana Pharmacy pharmacists review each new prescription for accuracy and possible drug‐to‐drug or drug‐to‐disease interactions. Advanced technology helps ensure accurate medication dispensing. Humana Pharmacy uses foil‐sealed containers to prevent tampering.  

How to find Humana Pharmacy in e-prescribing software

Beginning in April, Humana will begin to gradually transitioning the RightSource name to Humana Pharmacy to help prescribers find Humana Pharmacy/Rightsource in their e-prescribing software. The switch to the name Humana Pharmacy will be complete in September 2015. The following timeline details how Humana Pharmacy will display in e-prescribing software:

  • April 2015
    • RightSourceRx-Humana Mail Delivery
    • RightSource Specialty-Humana Spec
  • June 2015
    • Humana Mail Delivery-RightSourceRx
    • Humana Specialty- RightSource Spec
  • September 2015
    • Humana Pharmacy Mail Delivery
    • Humana Specialty Pharmacy

The e-prescribing process itself has not changed. The only change a prescriber will notice is the name listed in his or her e-prescribing software, as noted above.

For more information about Humana Pharmacy/RightSource, prescribers can call
1‐800‐379‐0092, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., and Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Eastern time.