Credentialing and CAQH

Credentialing of physicians and other health care providers

Humana participates with CAQH to help physicians and other health care providers more easily and cost effectively provide required credentialing information to health care organizations and health plans.

CAQH ProView

Humana and ChoiceCare® network physicians and certain other health care providers can utilize CAQH ProView (formerly known as the Universal Provider Datasource®) for recredentialing, instead of completing a Humana-specific credentialing application. New physicians and other health care providers who wish to join the network may also use CAQH ProView for the initial credentialing process. Health care providers who may be eligible through Humana to use CAQH ProView include those listed in the chart below.

Potentially eligible health care providers
Audiologist Certified registered nurse Certified registered nurse anesthetist Clinical nurse specialist
Clinical psychologist Clinical social worker Doctor of chiropractic Doctor of dental medicine
Doctor of dental surgery Doctor of osteopathy Doctor of podiatric medicine Licensed practical nurse
Marriage/family therapist Medical doctor Midwife Neuropsychologist
Nurse midwife Nurse practitioner Occupational therapist Optometrist
Physician assistant Physical therapist Professional counselor Registered nurse
Registered nurse first assistant Speech pathologist    

CAQH ProView provides a fast and easy way to securely submit credentialing information to multiple health plans and networks by entering information just one time. Application data can be submitted online at any time. This simplified credentialing process reduces paperwork and saves time for health care providers and their staff. Best of all, this service is provided at no cost to participating providers.

How it works

Health care providers obtain their CAQH Provider ID directly from CAQH by going to (link opens in new window)  and completing a registration form. Once the form is submitted, the health care provider will receive an email from CAQH with a CAQH Provider ID. Then, he/she will be able to log into CAQH ProView and create a user name and password, which are used to complete the online application.

The process incorporates the Standard Application Data Set and also, where appropriate, accounts for additional credentialing information required by states with specific application mandates. Before the completed application is available to a participating organization or health plan, the health care provider must authorize release of the data. Each organization that has included the health care provider on its roster will appear on the authorization screen for the health care provider to review and authorize.

The applications are stored in an online database and are always available to the health care provider to update, review or print.

Once a health care provider completes the process, automatic reminders are sent each quarter to prompt a review and update of the information.

After you receive your CAQH ID, visit our contracting Web page to begin a contract application.

For more information about CAQH, please visit CAQH's website (link opens in new window)  and select “CAQH ProView."