Prescription services to help your patients get the medicine they need

Humana’s tools and resources help patients and health care providers save time and money.

Reviewing prescription drugs
Generic drugs save money

Precertification requirements

Stay a step ahead

Cut down on paperwork by locating which drugs need to be preapproved before they will be covered.

  • Find out which drugs need to be precertified
  • Download a quick reference guide
  • Get fax forms for generic and brand drugs
Precertification details

Prescription information

Find the latest medication news

We’ve placed important news and updates on drugs in one place.

  • Find the latest recalls and important generic releases by date
See the latest news
Generic drugs are available at your pharmacy
A patient checking with his doctor about his health

Help your patients manage their medication

There are plenty of ways for you to use Humana’s systems to stay on top of your patients’ prescription drug needs.

  • Find more affordable alternatives to the drugs you prescribe
  • Connect patients with contracted pharmacies
  • Find out about mail-order delivery
Find ways to save time

Find medication appeal and exception information

See the steps health care providers can take if a medication is not covered.

  • Find out how to submit an appeal
  • Find out how to appeal Medicare Part D decisions
How to submit an appeal
Discussing optional  healthcare benefits
Taking prescription drugs on time and the right amount

Humana’s prescription plans

Coverage you can count on

Humana has plans that suit the needs of every age group-from seniors on Medicare to children on their parent’s plan. Find out how a Humana plan can help your patients.

  • Explore prescription plans for Medicare
  • Find out about group prescription plans
Find out more


Help members get more value from medications.

Learn about RxMentor
Electronic submission of claims and other options to help providers with improved cash flow

Electronic Prescribing

Explore ways to submit your prescriptions electronically.

Find e-prescribing information

Patient Assistance Programs

Many drug companies offer patient assistance for prescription drugs.

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