Pharmacy tools

Learn about generic drug options, Humana’s wholly owned mail-order pharmacy (RightSource), our prior authorization process for medications and more.

Electronic prescribing
Discover the benefits of e-prescribing and see tips for e-prescribing with RightSource®.

Generic drug guide
Explore ways members can save on prescription drugs.

Humana’s Drug List
View formulary lists for members with commercial and Medicare plans.

News and alerts
Read about drug recalls, new generic medications and more.

Prescription drug exceptions and appeals
Find out how to request a coverage determination or redetermination for a prescription drug.

Prescription drug plans
Learn about employer group and Medicare plans, as well as the Limited Income Newly Eligible Transition (NET) Program.

Prior authorization for pharmacy drugs
Access state-mandated forms, authorization forms for specific drugs and other resources.

Prior authorization for professionally administered drugs
Find customized and universal authorization forms.

Puerto Rico prior authorization
Access authorization resources for pharmacy and professionally administered drugs.

RightSource Pharmacy
Discover the benefits this mail-order pharmacy offers and learn how you can prescribe with RightSource.

RightSource Specialty Pharmacy
Get details on the resources available through RightSource Specialty Pharmacy for patients with complex or chronic illnesses.

Learn about Humana’s medication consultation program for eligible members.

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Addressing fraud, waste and abuse

Learn how to detect and prevent fraud, waste and abuse with free training materials, tools and resources from Humana.

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For eligible members, this program offers consultations with a pharmacist focusing on drug safety, lower-cost alternatives, adherence, and health literacy.