Smart Summary Rx

SmartSummary Rx® for Medicare members

Humana’s SmartSummary Rx statement is mailed to more than 3 million Medicare Prescription Drug Plan members each month. Members are encouraged to share SmartSummary Rx with their doctors, family members and other caregivers involved in their health care decision-making.

Customized information

No two SmartSummary Rx statements are the same. Each provides health care information that is individual to the member. Like a targeted financial statement, SmartSummary Rx provides members with actionable information about their spending.

smartsummary screen

The graphic above, for example, shows members where they stand financially within the stages of their prescription drug plan, helping members budget for the future.

Portable version

Two times per year, the SmartSummary Rx also features the wallet-sized Rx Record On-the-Go shown at right. It lists all prescriptions the member takes and the corresponding dosages. We encourage members to keep the card with them for regular doctor visits and emergencies.

The card provides an area where members can add information about over-the-counter drugs and supplements they take.

Sample of Medicare SmartSummary Statement

To get a more comprehensive view of the information SmartSummary Rx statements contain, view this sample.