Electronic Prescribing

Electronic prescribing

Electronic prescribing (also known as e-prescribing) is the secure transmission via electronic means of prescriptions or prescription-related information between the prescriber, dispenser, pharmacy benefit manager and/or health plan.

Humana encourages physicians to prescribe medications electronically in order to reduce medication errors and increase patient safety. Electronic prescribing allows physicians to access Humana eligibility, formulary and medication history information at the point of care through Surescripts and other intermediaries.

Benefits of electronic prescribing

Electronic prescribing may improve patient safety, efficiency and consumer convenience.

The value of e-prescribing in preventing medication errors is that each prescription can be electronically checked at the time of prescribing for dosage, interactions with other medications and therapeutic duplication.

E-prescribing may improve quality and efficiency and reduce costs by:

  • Promoting appropriate drug usage, such as following a medication regimen for a specific condition
  • Providing information about formulary-based drug coverage, including formulary alternatives and copayment information
  • Speeding up the process of refilling medications

E-prescribing capabilities are available for retail pharmacies and mail-delivery services, including Humana Pharmacy®. Download the flier below to learn more about e-prescribing with Humana Pharmacy. Other retail and mail-delivery pharmacies are available for Humana-covered patients in Humana’s network. Members may have prescriptions filled at a participating pharmacy of their choice.