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In-home acute care that helps you close the loop

Humana has partnered with DispatchHealth to offer your patients same-day acute care in their homes as a convenient, cost-effective alternative to avoidable emergency room visits. DispatchHealth brings all the tools necessary to treat common to complex illnesses and injuries in the comfort of the patient's home. DispatchHealth is available from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST (times may vary by market).

Request care for your patients by calling 833-788-1365

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With DispatchHealth, you get insight into your patients’ health environment, while they get to avoid the ER.

People with acute or chronic illnesses, mental impairments, physical disabilities, and other medical conditions often face major challenges when trying to manage a trip to a distant and crowded medical facility. That’s one reason Humana has partnered with DispatchHealth, a mobile in-home medical resource that performs a wide array of acute care services within the comfort and safety of the patient’s home. But it’s more than that. DispatchHealth’s follow-up protocols ensure continuity with what you’re already offering—and give you vital insights into the social determinants of your patients’ health.

Humana's partnership with DispatchHealth provides in-home acute care

DispatchHealth services are available 8 a.m. – 10 p.m., every day of the year

Qualified practitioners provide in-home urgent treatment for a wide array of non-life-threatening medical conditions.

Dispatchhealth is equipped with all the tools necessary to provide advanced medical care in the home, and can treat a wide range of common to complex injuries and illnesses that are urgent, but not life- or limb-threatening.

How it works with your practice

DispatchHealth aligns with Care Management and Provider groups to extend your reach after-hours, on holidays or weekends and during capacity constraints, providing prompt medical intervention to patients experiencing high acuity needs.

DispatchHealth tucks patients back into their PCP/specialist for all follow-up care and ongoing management and communicates with patient’s care team within 24 hours of every patient encounter.

Request an in-home visit

Providers request patient care by calling 833-788-1365. DispatchHealth provides personalized in-home medical care for everyone, including those with existing medical conditions.

Symptom review

DispatchHealth will review the patient’s symptoms over the phone to ensure in-home care is safe and appropriate.

DispatchHealth sends medical team to patient’s home

A physician assistant or nurse practitioner, along with a medical technician, will arrive at the patient’s home typically within two hours. An on ER physician is always available by phone for consults.


DispatchHealth will call in any prescriptions, print out discharge paperwork and send a detailed clinical summary to the primary care provider and any other pertinent care team members to ensure appropriate follow-up.


DispatchHealth bills Humana directly. Costs are roughly the same as a walk-in urgent care visit. On average, most patients pay anywhere from $5 - $50 after insurance.

Continuity of care

DispatchHealth integrates urgent medical care with that of a patient’s current healthcare team. Patients are always directed back to their primary care for follow up.

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In-home acute care that helps you close the loop

Call 833-788-1365 to learn more or make a referral
8 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST (times may vary by market)

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